GlobTek Power Supplies

WR9QE1500T00EUIMR6B universal power-supply

Globtek develops and distributes different kind of power solutions for industries all around the world. Each Globtek device can be cartficated for being used in each single market.

Globtek production focus not only on specific and customized power-supplies, but also on universal solutions desktop and wall-mounted. Thanks to these solutions also small companies can reach their ideal specifications using the highest quality guaranteed only by international partners as Globtek.

One of these universal solutions is model WR9QE1500T00EUIMR6B.

 This specific device is able to provide 18W (Vout=12Vdc; Iout=1500mA).
Thanks to customizations, you can choose different voltage versions with the same output power. Then, talking about input specs, the same model is able to work in both european and american markets. Nominal temperature range is 0-40°C but it can work also at higher temperatures with a certain derating.

You can also customize overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protections aligned with your specific needs.




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