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Newen expertises are appreciated in the best way when the specific industrial manufacturer’ target is obtaining an impressing and reliable presence in a market where the main target is maximizing qualitative standards.

Starting from specific project ideas, apparently independent between them, only the main overview, guaranteed by Newen experts, will let you create something really new.

Thanks to Newen solutions, you will turn-on and empower your ideas. Only in this way we’ll arrive, together, to lead what we have followed till now!


Newen experts will offer you their know-how and manufacturer worldwide leader’s interaction. They will help you since the first technical project step.


Starting from standards aligned with the state-of-the-art, we will let you customize the first technical proposals. In this way we can reach the ideal solution aligned with customer’s specifics.



Different series and top qualitative standards: rocker switches, lever, pushbutton, tact-and-key switches and arriving to more specific technical solutions as micro-switches, power-tool-switches and sensors.


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Wall-mounted and desktop power-supplies produced for industrial world and electro medical solutions with their very stringent specifics.


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Li-ion battery-packs, based on li-ion cylinder cells 18650, specific for each single project.


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