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Microswitches are switches for small/medium current, mainly used as components for electronic devices.

One of the main industrial switches’ manufacturers in the world is Marquardt Gmbh, which is a big German company founded in 1925. Their devices can be found not only into home-appliance devices we can see everywhere, but also in the professional industrial and automotive applications.


Between the main series of Marquardt switches, there are microswitches of series 1060-1065, mainly used in automotive business for “small signal current” (tens of mA), helpful for making connections between control unit and the other vehicle’s components.

Such kind of microswitches, differently by traditional snap-action ones, are characterized by sliding internal gold contacts. Thanks to sliding mechanism, they guarantee a bigger robustness and self-cleaning functionality.

In addition to traditional functionalities, able to pass and block currents (with and without cable-harness depending from the specific case), has been added diagnostic functionality (series 1060-1062), able to protect electronic circuits around it. Such protection prevents circuits from overload currents, short-circuits and ground protection failures.

Moreover, all these automotive switches have protection IP67 vs. dust and liquid fluids.

Microwitches series 1060-1062

Microswitches 1060-1062, as summarized above, are switches ON-OFF with diagnostic version. Diagnostics, in such specific case, is guaranteed by two SMD resistors between terminals, with different calibrations for each specific case. Thanks to this functionality, central control unit is able to monitor, not only if current pass or not, but also its entity. In this way we’ll be able to understand if specific current is the desired one or, in opposite case, if there are damages in the system around our device.

Microswitches series 1065-1068

Series 1065 microswitches are 2-state version (ON/OFF) without diagnostic. Their contact resistance is <500 mΩ and insulating one is >100 MΩ.

Actuator function of this specific series is guaranteed by a piston’s pressure and, for calibrating actuation forces and travelling distances, by different kind of levers (e.g. roller, simulated-roller ecc.). Moreover, actuation angle can reach 40° thanks to silicon material cover.

Finally, terminals can vary for each specific case: available options are solder, pcb, faston and with cable harness.


Other technical details:

  • High mechanical and electrical life
  • Sliding and self-cleaning contacts
  • Low-noise commutation
  • Shock resistance till 50 g
  • Flammability index UL 94 HB



For more details, please contact Newen expert.

Thanks to multiple switches, microswitches and sensors inside Marquardt catalogue, the customizations and Newen experts technical support, with all needed certifications available, a wide range of products which covers needs of continuous and alternated current, we are at your disposal for guarantying ideal solutions with small lead-times.

Newen Group: Efficiency and Quality at your disposition.


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