A global team for a global market

Newen Group: throw technology and your requirements to project together innovative solutions

A professional team by your side to design technological solutions of high-profile in every productive area

We are by your side to support every market requirement, being the intermediary between technology and your specific requirements.
We care about a very important quality, which is the ability to interpret future scenarios, we feed it and we make it available for you every day.
We apply tested methods and a successful philosophy: by creating and optimizing every step of technologic evolution process.
We entirely use our Know-how, to reach the desired purpose.
We can say that the presence of the foreign group is a trend of concrete expansion, the result of forefront products and innovative solutions developed by a professional team.
Our Headquarter take place in Italy, however we can lean on offices dislocated in different European Countries, such as Spain.
Every office has his own identity and act locally throw specific Business Unit which are born for different requirement that the customers express every day.
As well as Italy, in Spain we take advantage from partners, which are considered as the best in their business, in order to give you the best solution for your requirement in technological context.

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