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Tact switch Marquardt series 3006

Switch with luminous led for customized control panel

Tact-switches, due to increasing automation and integration commands’ utilization, are being used in many different applications all around us.

Reference markets, in fact, are expanding more and more.

Some of the reference applications pass through medical devices helpful for diagnosis, prevention, health-control, therapy and disease attenuation.

They are being used also on public transport, for making available interaction with the most important IT-applications. They are integrated on specific electronic boards needed for control buttons easy to be installed (e.g. seating control buttons).

Each application needs a particular control button, in order to respect ideal specifications.

The most results to be achieved are the power, ideal led brightness, high duration and robustness for continuous switching.Moreover, installation height onto electronic boards has to be short not only for functional reasons, but also for aesthetical ones.

One of the most effective tact-switch on the market is Marquardt series 3006.

These switches are DMS, with optional integrated led. This kind of switches have a low-profile with a led integrated from the first production steps, in order to achieve the best results in terms of robustness and efficiency. Then the right pressure points are well defined thanks to its particular design.

Versions are available for different brightness and colors:e.g. yellow, white, green, blue, red and orange ones. In this way every ideal specification could be reachable, based on different application’s needs.

Pressure area is well defined and highlighted not only by led lights, but also by switch profile. Operating temperature of series 3006 is in the range -40°C- + 90°C. Thanks to all its specifications (see also the table) these tact-switches can be used in many industrial applications, and at the same time they can achieve different functional and quality targets requested by each one

Tact switches of Marquardt series 3006, it’s easy to find on the global market. Anyway not every company will grant you all the support needed to reach particular customized specifications.

Newen Group, a leader company in the industrial market, present with all its departments on the European field, thanks to its qualified engineering staff, is ready to adapt Marquardt series 3006 specifications in order to align them to each partner’s request. Only in this way we can reach the best product quality for each specific case. After a deep evaluation on the final application needs, Newen will in invest and offer you its know-how for reach your own innovative and customized solution.

Newen Group will value its partners’ strengths and will grant you the highest speed, high knowledge, customization, innovation and the best cable-harness choices.

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