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Medtec 2018 and Exposanità 2018. The exhibitions for electromedical business

Two of the most important fair events for industrial and medical business has been attended in April 2018.

Exposanità 21st edition, one of the most important exhibitions about health care in Italy, has been attended from 18th to 20th of April in the ambitious and strategic exhibition center as Bologna Fiere. 11 exhibition areas, 634 companies, 235 workshops, 600 training hours: these are the numbers for the most significative business’ meeting opportunities, knowledge share and professional growth’s moments for the different operators. Exposanità has seen, between its exhibitors, the world leader companies which have shown state-of-the-art medical technologies, new health care devices and solutions, strategies for optimizing and make more efficient medical management systems. Training workshops about new technologies dedicated to students and business operators have been attended too.

In the meantime, from 17th to 19th, Medtec Europe 2018 has been attended in Stuttgart. Such exhibition has seen ideas’ share between start-up companies and medical leaders worldwide. In such an international contest, with the main theme of Smart Health & Technologies, 7000 professionals from 76 countries all around the world shared their acknowledgements about medical technologies’ trend

Newen, at the hearth of such international contests, is both visitor and supplier, with the main purpose of analyzing market and suggesting new solutions aligned with state-of-the-art technologies. Without innovation, in fact, it would be impossible being world leader companies’ partner.

Technology evolution in the electro medical world is focusing to power efficiency as also in the other industrial markets. In addition to power efficiency, the last but not the least issue is safety on direct and indirect contact between devices and both patient/operator. The very stringent medical normatives about emissions’ reduction and higher power in smaller devices, in addition to portable equipment, pushes Newen and its partner (e.g. Globtek for power supplies and BMZ for li-ion battery packs) to develop new projects for assuring ideal specifications’ alignment.

Starting from standard solutions aligned with state-of-the-art technology, why don’t we think about new hybrid solutions between power-supplies and battery-packs, in order to assure operation also without network alimentation?

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