Marquardt is a big german company founded in 1925, whose products can be found not only into different home-appliance devices but also into industrial ones.

“Switch, Sensors & Controls” division develops, produces and sells its products to different markets and applications.

One of the most important application into Marquardt portfolio regards power-tool systems for building sector; such applications need affordability, great power and high peak-currents.

These devices have to respect the highest quality standards, long life endurance and high protection vs. dust, liquids and vibrations. Aligned to such requests, specific software internally developed assure to each specific partner the alignment to every different stringent request (e.g. power, affordability, endurance ecc.).

Marquardt, in addition to specific customized projects, offers a wide range of standard products: such portfolio includes AC and DC switches with the integration of its electronic control circuits.

Then such switches, thanks to their modular structure, will be customized thanks to Newen experts who, in collaboration with Marquardt, will give you the best solution for each specific project need.

AC switches (Alternating Current)

These switches are used for applications with power cord, used not only for home-appliance but also for industrial ones. Such applications, differently by home voltage at 220 V, use voltages till 400 V.

In addition to standard functionalities as current interruption, such kind of switches integrates specific electronic circuits studied for managing current variations during transition periods and steady-state one.

Such additional specifications include soft-start transitions, peak-current blocks for avoiding over temperature issues which, if not blocked in the requested times, could damage final application.

Thanks to Newen experts and their support, each specific components, from material choice to dimensions, will be customized for reaching the best trade-off between ideal and really needed features.

DC switches (Direct Current)

These kind of switches are used mainly for battery managed applications, without power cord.

Differently by AC solutions with direct connection to network, such switches work at li-ion battery voltages. Integrated electronic circuits, in addition to customized features of each final application, will manage battery-packs monitoring, peak-current and voltages, and the right interaction and communication between battery cells and motor. Such kind of management is mandatory for guarantying efficiency and affordability in the long time.

For more details, please contact Newen expert.

Thanks to multiple switches, microswitches and sensors inside Marquardt catalogue, the customizations and Newen experts technical support, with all needed certifications available, a wide range of products which covers needs of continuous and alternated current, we are at your disposal for guarantying ideal solutions with small lead-times.

Newen Group: Efficiency and Quality at your disposition.

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