Li-ion battery packs based on 18650 cells

Li-ion cells are one of the most used batteries in the consumer market (e.g. laptop, mobile phones), in industrial one (e.g. building and gardening power-tool devices) and also on electric vehicles (LEV).
Thanks to their great Power-to-weight ratio (from 150 to 200 Wh/Kg) and thanks to nominal voltage at 3,7V, li-ion cells are lighter than electric equivalent batteries produced with other chemicals (e.g. NiMh or NiCd). They can have also different sizes and shapes, in order to fill devices’ internal spaces in the most efficient way. Moreover, such technology is able to reach a smaller voltage’s year decay respect to the other ones.

Despite of the other technologies, battery packs based on li-ion cells can burst due to overheat or overload. Such conditions could arise not only during an incorrect charge or a wrong storage, but also when inrush currents are too much greater respect to nominal currents.
In order to prevent such situations, li-ion battery packs need specific control circuits named BMS (Battery-Management-System). These circuits are specifically developed, based on different applications: the best development is guaranteed only by world leader partners.


BMZ is a German company, leader in Europe, which has been producing batteries since 1994. Their strong investments on R&D let they be present as leader on businesses which continuously need state-of-the-art technologies.

Li-ion battery packs produced by BMZ are based on li-ion cylindrical cells 18650, supplied from world leader cells’ producers (e.g. Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic). Such 18650 cylindrical cells are based on lithium ions and have the following characteristics: 18mm diameter and 65 mm length as sizes, cells soldered between them and managed by a specific control circuit. Thanks to their strong electrical specifications, they are at the base of multiple applications which need not only great power, but also high in-rush currents.

Newen team, thanks to its experience, lets every company access to state-of-the-art technologies and to products offered by the best international suppliers, developing specific BMS for each final application. When BMZ partner let you available its technical knowledge and state-of-the-art li-ion cells, Newen helps you to find the best solution aligned with ideal specifications. Our support is based firstly on different capacity cells (from 900mAh to 4200mAh), secondly on the assistance from design-in to specific customizations (not only on electrical specs, but also on battery packs’ sizes and shapes). Thanks to each customization, we can use in the most efficient way BMZ technology, in order to produce devices with the greatest efficiency reached in the smallest space.

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